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How Long Does A Baby Have To Develop Speech?

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Your baby’s first few words may seem like just any other baby talk. “Mama’s got a nail in her finger” or “Good morning, sweetheart!” However, your baby’s first words can set the tone for his later learning to speak, help him develop his speech intelligently, and strengthen his vocabulary. More:

By their first year, babies can begin to communicate in a variety of ways, including using definite and indefinite pronouns, making requests, and naming objects. Some of this language development will be automatic, as babies are able to use their vocal cords to express simple ideas. Others, however, will be more complex. When you notice that your baby is talking in sentences that make no sense, be concerned, because this may signal language development that needs attention.

Your baby’s first words may be fairly simple words like “mouth”, “thumb” or “head”. They may even be part of your daily language, such as “eat” or “sleep”. But these first words can be the beginning of an amazing adventure in speech development. They are not only easy to understand, but they can make a lot of difference in how your baby talks. “My nose is itchin’, ‘I have red hair’ are all simple words, but when combined with other words which are more complex, your baby’s first words can make clear communication possible.

If your baby starts to babble when you are talking, even if it is just to you, this is another sign of your baby is developing speech. Babies don’t usually babble in conversations when they are young, so the fact that he or she is babbling now is probably a reflection of that stage. Babies tend to start babblings when they are about three weeks old, so it is possible your baby is starting to babble before you even realize it! Babies start to babble when they are not getting enough sleep or enough attention at home, so it is likely that he or she is trying to get your attention. As he or she gets older, it is likely that they will start babbling more often.

Do not worry if your baby is still making up his or her first words at this stage. You can help your baby along by taking part in speech development games with your baby. There are many games on the market designed specifically with infants in mind. Many of these games are interactive so that your baby can imitate you and others around him or her. Infants also need the stimulation of other people in order to learn basic words. Playing games with your baby and trying to imitate them is a great way for your baby to get these early communication skills.

Babies with speech delays continue to grow as they approach three months. It is important not to try to rush your baby into speaking. If you think your baby may be having a speech delay, you should encourage reading to your infant from the time he or she is a few months old. Reading to your baby will help him or her develop the sounds of speech easily and memorize the alphabet. Speech development games are an excellent way for your baby to get the sound of speech as soon as possible.

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